Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Winter's Revenge

4-4-06 VERMONT: Did I say spring? Today we have 1” of new, fresh, white snow and more coming. It’s in the 20’s. The pond was 75% thawed but is now 100% ice covered again. There was a pair of Mallards exploring the pond before it refroze. The birds are swarming the feeders. We are hosting chickadee, nuthatch, junco, dove, sparrows and a red squirrel. The robins are disdainful of the feeders. Winter here doesn’t surrender until late May.

Fortunately the new furnace was installed today and is pumping out hot air. I am resisting the impulse to make a comparison between the furnace and a person, notice no names have been mentioned. You know who you are.

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AF said...

oooooh. quite the dis.