Wednesday, March 16, 2016

New Blooms.

3-16-15 SHORT HILLS: We’ve been back in NJ for a few days. We left VT early to avoid the storm that delivered about a half inch of rain here. The last two days have been sunny and in the sixties. The race to bloom is on, all the buds are swelling or starting to open.

I hauled two carloads of deadfall and prunings to the town dump, but there’s more to gather up and dump.

New blooms: snowflake, andromeda, forsythia, red maple.

Snowflake is a cousin of the snowdrop. It opens a bit later.

Snowflakes hiding in the pachysandra.

Snowflake with a peek at the inner organs.

Red maple in bloom.

Andromeda with a hovering pollinator.

Crocus sheltering under an ash tree.

Forsythia just starting.

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