Friday, March 24, 2017

Come Back, Spring, Come Back.

3-24-17 VERMONT: If you thought spring was here just because spring is here—not so fast. We woke up this morning to heavy snow, about four inches so far. Yesterday it was sunny when we got here, but it felt colder than the low thirties because of the wind. The day before, in NJ, the wind was gusting to forty knots, and broken branches were raining down from the clear sky.

This wintry weather would be OK if we hadn’t had that summery February that got all the plants awakened from dormancy too early. I’m ready for some warm days.

This starling is hanging on to the suet feeder in the high wind. You can see how much everything was dancing around in the background. This shot is from two days ago in NJ.

Today. Spring is here!

Only four inches so far.

We're off to buy provisions.

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