Monday, October 09, 2017

Nate Gives Us Soaking.

10-9-17 SHORT HILLS: We are getting the second day of much needed rain. Even though the sprinklers have been running, lots of stuff on the margins of the watered areas looked very dry. This is the remnant of TS Nate, which also brought us a glob of warm air. We walked the dogs this morning during a lull.

The house painters have been painting most of the week, and, I think will be starting the final coat when the house dries out. Then, later in the month we get new, larger gutters and leaders installed. Next month we get new windows. I look forward to being done with it all.

We were back in the city for dinner with Bette and Lonnie and Richard and Elaine on Saturday. Ousia, a Greek restaurant, is on the western edge of Manhattan in the Fifties. It’s new, has a giant rectangular bar, and served us a bunch of small appetizers and entrees in Med style.

During the week we were at The Farm, a local plant nursery, to replace a shrub pulled up by the painters. Actually the replacements, a pair of spireas, Spiraea x bumalda ‘Anthony Waterer’, went into the spirea bed that is away from the house so they won’t suffer the horrible fate of their predecessor. The ground was very dry down to a foot below the surface. I used a lot of water while planting, and the rain helps also.

The Farm looks wonderful in the fall. There are tables of mums, hanging baskets of mums, arrangement of large pots of mums all in vivid colors and a acre of pumpkins and gourds, you can get a hand painted pumpkin as well. They have a big pond with turtles, mallards, Canada geese, swans and a pair of ducks that I couldn’t ID.

New blooms: wild asters.

Many monarchs are working the flowers at The Farm. Those two nodules near the back of the body mark this one as a male.

Three of several monarchs and a bunch of bees on a tree hydrangea. There were also fritillary butterflies and an American lady butterfly.

'Tis the season....

View of the pond and mums.

Many mums.

A pair of ducks that I couldn't ID.

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