Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Snowdrops Start the Parade.

2-28-18 SHORT HILLS: Three weeks until the Equinox. This February was too warm, like last February was also. All the flora are responding to the warmth, which would be OK, except that all of March could bring us very harsh weather. Nasty weather in March means that the tender new growth will be nipped in the bud, which is just what happened last year.

Snowdrops opened about a week ago. They are always the first flowers to appear.

I got outside yesterday and started doing clean up, it was sunny and in the fifties. Judy let all the dogs out at one point and I got swarmed.

New blooms: snowdrops.

Snowdrops, always the first flower to open, about a week ago.

Canine ID, from L to R, Gus, Kaley, Maizie, Bally.

Same order here also.

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