Saturday, April 28, 2018

More Planting.

4-28-18 SHORT HILLS: It actually and finally feels like spring. The rain total from a few days ago was 1.25 inches and another 0.1 inch fell yesterday. Today it’s sunny, but there might be an afternoon shower.

Wilpat was here to open the sprinkler system. Two repairs were necessary. I’ve started the regular spring pruning, which will take days to complete.

We had dinner with Alan last night and will eat with Lynn and Bill tonight. Tomorrow we have brunch with Anna and Gardner in NYC.

Yesterday I planted two small roses, one a climber by the new section of fence where the black pine came down, Rosa ‘America’ and the other near the roses by the living room window bed, Rosa ‘Winnipeg Parks’.

New blooms: bleeding heart, currant, grape hyacinth.

Currant, the berries will have the same color as the flowers, if the birds leave any behind.

Bleeding heart, there are four plants in this yard that seem very happy, but they haven't spread. In VT they re-seed themselves everywhere. Do the nurseries sell sterile versions?

Clatonia is another spring ephemera. Some of them have a red stripe on the petals.

Pink and white daffodils.

An orange and yellow daffodil.

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