Wednesday, December 30, 2015

France Finale and Fog.

12-30-15 SHORT HILLS: The trip home on Monday was uneventful. Global Entry had us through Customs and Immigration as fast as we could walk, with carry-on, rolling luggage, we were in the taxi and then home within 45 minutes of landing.

That night we had the storm that devastated other parts of the country, but it was spent by the time it got here. We had a little sleet over night, but the precip turned to rain in the morning and washed away the sleet by noon when the rain stopped. Today is very foggy, in the forties with no wind.

Last comments on the trip to France: the first thing I noticed in Strasbourg was a plethora of dormers on all the older roofs, varying in size from tiny to full window. I forgot to mention them in previous comments, so here are some pix. Also there were ducks with white faces and bills that I have not seen before—anyone?

One of the first things I noticed about Strasbourg and failed to mention before, are the dormers. Little dormers cover the roofs, some not so little.

More dormers in Strasbourg.

We saw several of these white faced ducks. Anyone?? There were also mallards, gulls, pigeons and swans.

Today in Short Hills, we have fog, all we need and more so.

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