Thursday, December 10, 2015

Soggy Vermont.

12-10-15 VERMONT: We came up yesterday, there wasn’t much traffic, but two construction detours slowed us down. It’s in the forties, and unseasonably warm, it rained over night, was foggy this morning and partially cleared in the afternoon. Everything is wet from the rain, actually it was wet before the rain, and will probably stay wet until July, whenever it’s not frozen.

We did chores today and shopping. I filled the feeders and repaired a cabinet door. We saw some hunters in camo, the season lasts for another couple of days, and is now down to muzzle-loaders and archers.

Although the grass is still green, Brady the horse has gone home for the winter. The pond was mostly covered with a thin layer of ice when we arrived, but it is largely gone after the rain. Chickadees and blue jays appeared after there were seeds in the feeders.

Partially iced-over pond, overcast sky, fog, no wind, nothing moving...

but the grass is still green.

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