Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Snow Job.

1-20-16 SHORT HILLS: We’re not snow virgins any more this winter having gotten a half-inch of white a few days ago. By now, even though it’s been cold, most of it has evaporated. We’re supposed to get a real storm in a few more days, but we’ll see. Actually we will be in VT and won’t see because VT is supposed to be bypassed as the storm goes out to sea before or after hitting Boston.

On another matter, I turned on the TV this morning and Donald Trump was speaking in Iowa, I think, and I watched for about five minutes. He went on about how great his polling is, and how great he is, and how he expected to win Iowa, the nomination and the presidency. He never mentioned any issues, but talked only about himself. I suppose that is an issue. He’s just an egotistical blowhard. What’s the attraction?

First snowfall, about a half inch....

arrived in mid-January, but more may be on the way.

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