Friday, January 29, 2016

The Snow Recedes

1-29-16 SHORT HILLS: January is almost finished. At the risk of seeming disloyal to my birth month, I’m not sad to see the end of it. The sun has begun its climb back to the Equator and will be half way back on Feb 21 and on the Equator on March 21.

Snowstorm Jonas [when did snow storms start getting names?] left us more than a foot, maybe two feet, of white. We did not lose power at any point, there seems to be little or no tree damage, and the snow pack is shrinking away. The dogs have made trails, we helped, in the snow. The birds drain the feeders daily. The afternoons have been in the forties and sunny.

The driveway is a maze of snow piles, but we can get the cars in and out. The local roads are still missing a lane, but the major streets are clear.

Three days after the big storm in NJ. Melting has started.

Five days after, more melt down.

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