Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Back to the Garden with More Trees.

4-27-16 SHORT HILLS: We’ve finally had some rain, several showers during the day yesterday, some with thunder. I was in and out of the yard depending on the dryness or wetness of the air.

I did manage to get two dogwood trees planted, also in the area where we lost the big ash tree. Their full names are Cornus florida ‘Cherokee Brave’ and ‘Cherokee Princess’. I mulched all the new trees, did some re-fertilizing, found some more unused flagstones and added them to the new walk, but didn’t set them in the ground yet.

New blooms: nannyberry viburnum, Korean spice viburnum, wild strawberry, French lilac, Carolina allspice, wood hyacinth, honeysuckle bush [red and white], burning bush.

Dogwood backlit by the sun.

Korean spice viburnum has a sweet aroma.

White dogwood.

French lilac.

Nannyberry viburnum.

Wood hyacinth in two flavors.

Azalea says, 'Spring is here.'

Violet is a tiny but complex little flower.

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