Friday, October 28, 2016

More Fall Fruit.

10-28-16 SHORT HILLS: The social whirl continues. We had dinner in NJ with Lynn and Bill, and then in NYC with Ina and Marcel. Tomorrow we meet Bebe and Ronnie for dinner. All the restaurant meals are showing up on my waistline, but soon I’ll be back in VT for garden cleanup and a chance to work off some of the padding.

We had another rain here yesterday and got almost an inch. The wind this afternoon is about 25 mph and it seem like it’s been blowing hard all week. I did a walk around the yard and saw many branches down, but I won’t do the clean up until it’s calmer and warmer. The forties feel like the twenties with this wind. Also I’m a bit nervous about working outside when heavy stuff is falling out of the trees.

I found a couple more red fruit to display. It’s been a good year for our black walnut tree, the yard under the tree is littered with walnuts. Squirrels, do your thing. If I remember, I’ll pick up a bunch and toss them where I need a walnut tree.

New blooms: witch-hazel.

Tiny witch-hazel flower with crepe paper like petals.

More red berries, these are from linden viburnum.

A perfect little red apple, just a half inch in diameter.

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