Saturday, May 20, 2017

Maggie's Hampshire Graduation.

5-20-17 VERMONT: We’re back from an overnight trip to Amherst and Northampton for Maggie’s graduation from Hampshire College. Judy and I got there about noon on Friday, checked into the hotel in Northampton and had a quick lunch at Fitzwilly’s before connecting with the grad and fam on the campus in Amherst.

We watched Maggie ring the graduation bell and then present her thesis, title in the last post, at Franklin Patterson Hall. Later we all had an excellent dinner at Chez Albert in Amherst. Lucy got to practice her French with the waiter.

The actual ceremony was the next morning under a very big tent, a metaphor for Hampshire College. A few graduates actually wore caps-and-gowns but most went non-traditional in costume and hairstyle to extremely non-traditional. The Keynote address was by Princeton prof Keesanga-Yamahtta Taylor, and was quite stirring. Check it out on YouTube. After the reception, we headed back to VT.

Maggie after Graduating.

Ringing the bell is a Hampshire College graduation tradition.

The six of us, don't you think the grandparents should have been the ones sitting down?

Judy and I had lunch at Fitzwilly's in Northampton and admired the food related art work. This apple looks familiar and reminds me of something, but I can't just put my finger on it.

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