Saturday, June 17, 2017

Lucy Graduates.

6-17-17 SHORT HILLS: We were in Brooklyn for Lucy’s graduation from Packer Collegiate along with some 80 classmates, and had grilled burgers, sausage and veggies on Val and Steve’s deck afterwards. We met Chester, the new cat, and had a brief garden tour.

Back here in NJ, I planted a new butterfly bush, Buddleia davidii, next to the one I planted last fall. I bought it at Home Depot along with a couple of gorgeous foxglove destined for VT. It’s been raining on and off for a few days, perfect for a new shrub.

Tonight we have dinner with Lonnie and Bette and Bruce and Ellen. Tomorrow we go to VT. I hate to miss the flowers about to open here, but eagerly anticipate the flowers in Thetford. Ambivalent as ever.

New blooms: southern magnolia, hydrangea, winterberry holly.

Lucy graduated and will soon be off to college.

Chester will stay in Brooklyn.

Southern Magnolia has huge flowers that open in succession. This was the first.

Southern Magnolia, just opening second flower.

Multiple tiny flowers of Winterberry Holly turn into red berries in the fall. This holly is deciduous and the flowers are not male or female but bisexual, unlike the evergreen hollies.

Our shady yard stays cool on hot days.

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