Friday, June 23, 2017

Rainy Day, Day Off.

6-23-17 VERMONT: It’s a rainy day, on and off, so I am not working. We did walk around the pasture with Wellingtons on to get the dogs, and us, some exercise. There are lots of little orangish butterflies dancing from flower to flower. I got a couple pix and am working on the ID’s. Yesterday I did some weeding and am getting caught up on maintenance. I did shovel out the culvert in anticipation of the rain.

New blooms: goats beard, catmint, diablo, sage, rosebay rhododendron, yarrow.

Showy Lady Slipper seems happy by the pond.

Showy Lady Slipper, thanks, again, Melissa, for these beauties.

Big pink peony. After all the flowers, the peony plant lasts all season and is an attractive dark green 'shrub'.

The actual blossoms get lost in all the greenery.

European Skipper, one of a bunch of small, orange butterflies in the pasture.

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