Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Back in NJ.

8-23-17 SHORT HILLS: Yes, we’re back in NJ a bit earlier than planned so Judy can get some dental work she’s been looking forward to. She came down a day before me, while I closed up in VT. When I got here yesterday, it was 90° but felt like a 100° because of the high humidity. After last night’s T-storm, it’s pleasant today and in the seventies.

Much weeding needs to be done.

Most of the trees and shrubs look OK, but there are many brownish and curled up leaves. Cicada make a nighttime racket. Some shrubs have been nibbled on by deer, I suppose, and all the hostas and lily turf were eaten by someone.

In bloom: caryopteris, hydrangea, roses, rose-of-Sharon, plumbago, white snakeroot, butterfly bush, red spirea and forsythia have a couple flowers each.

Rose-of-Sharon also comes in a mauve. I'll try to post one of those next time.

Caryopteris is a smallish shrub with late-season blue flowers that may last into November. Here it's adorned by Hobomok Skipper.

Plumbago is another fall bloomer with vivid blue flowers, about three inches tall.

White Snakeroot grows everywhere in the yard. Is it a weed or a wildflower?

Here's another pic of the Skipper. Like most of the skippers, [s]he's about an inch long.

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