Thursday, August 31, 2017


8-31-17 SHORT HILLS: This will be a first—a no pix post. Unlike Texas, the weather has been pleasant here, but I guess we’ll get the remnants of Harvey this weekend.

We are in the midst of getting a new roof, and if they finish Friday as scheduled, we’ll stay dry. Actually there was rotted wood roofing, under the shingles, that has been replaced, but one spot was so bad that a roofer put his foot right through the roof and ceiling of the sunroom. They will repair that tomorrow.

I have been out in the yard trimming, weeding and pruning, but there’s lots more to do. Also I planted six butterfly weed, Asclepias tuberosa, and another butterfly bush, Buddleia davidii nanho blue, in the area where the big ash tree came down two years ago.

Judy and I went to the Farm in Chatham Township, a huge nursery, and bought two large crepe myrtles, that they will deliver and plant, probably next week.

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