Monday, January 15, 2018

Mid-Winter Birthdays.

1-15-18 SHORT HILLS: Eleven of us had dinner at Gotham Bar and Grill Saturday night to celebrate Val’s, Steve’s, Dan’s and my birthdays, all of them occurring within a few weeks of each other. Much wine and food was consumed, the staff was very attentive. Those attending, by initials were, A, A, D, G, H, J, L, L, S, S and V. Pix are on FB with everyone tagged.

Anna, Gardner and Gardner’s cousin. Helen, left the dinner right after dessert to drive to Hershey, PA to overnight before going to the Jaguars/Steelers game on Sunday. I suspect they enjoyed the game more than the Steelers fans did.

We are back in the deep freezer for at least a few days. It might warm up tomorrow, and snow might fall. Today, January 15, is half way from the end of November to the beginning of March.

I have a new camera, Nikon P900, and some new bird pix are up on the blog. So far, I’m pleased with it.

Go Jags!

There are no sports teams nicknamed squirrels are there? This one is eating a holly berry.

Goldfinch in winter clothes.

House finch still has color in winter.

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