Sunday, January 21, 2018

Warmer Days.

1-21-18 SHORT HILLS: We have had two days of warm, mostly sunny weather that has melted almost all the snow. The warm snap is supposed to last for a few more days.

The yard is full of robins, two dozen, at least. They are all acting like robins. They’re standing on the grass, running a few feet and then standing in one place again, finding something to peck at and eat on the ground. They are poking around in the dead leaves, flipping them away and eating something in the dirt. I wouldn’t have thought that there would be much bug or earthworm activity in mid-winter, but they are onto something.

There was a lone European Starling, first one since the fall, doing the same stuff as the robins. Starlings will go to the feeders, but I have never seen a robin at the feeder or eating seeds from the ground under the feeder.

We had dinner with Bill and Lynn at one of our new favs, Marcus Samuelsson’s B & P restaurant on Halsey St. in Newark.

Last night we were back in that same neighborhood at NJPAC to hear the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra with Pinchas Zuckerman conducting and playing violin in Beethoven’s ‘Violin Concerto’. They opened with the ‘Overture to Der Freischütz’ by Carl Maria von Weber and finished with Dvořák’s ‘Symphony No. 7’. Nice program, we loved it.

The first starling of the season. It is browsing like the robins and not at the feeders.

Robin poking around in the leaves.

Dinner at Marcus Samuelsson's B & P restaurant in Newark.

Another robin, one of two dozen working the grass and dead leaves.

Cardinal at the feeder a couple days ago before the snow melted.

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