Monday, October 08, 2018

The Color of the Day is Drizzle.

10-8-18 VERMONT: Today was cold and wet, dark and dank, overcast and rainy. It was an inside by the fire day. Sam and Lily left early this morning because Sam had a class to teach this afternoon.

Last night we ate at Stone Soup and Shari and Dave joined us.

The feeder has gotten progressively busier for the week we’ve been here. Four blue jays have intimidated most of the other birds, but not the chickadees. A few days ago I saw a bump on top of a dead pine tree in the distance, and a telephoto shot showed two flickers.

New blooms: cimicfuga [about to open].

White-crowned sparrow among many mobbing the feeder.

A pair of northern flickers, but neither one is showing the red spot on the back of the head.

Aster, a late bloomer.

Witch-hazel, almost the last bloom.

Today was not a day for color. It was foggy, drizzling, dark and overcast.

A cardinal only showed up at the end of the season, but he must have summered nearby.

White-throated sparrow often has the yellow patch in front of the eye.

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