Saturday, July 30, 2016

Good Time at the Fair.

7-30-16 VERMONT: We went to the North Haverhill fair with Shari and Dave Friday afternoon. It wasn’t very crowded, but the folks were streaming in as we left. The rides were in full swing, the games were open, fair food was frying, and the horses were pulling. Like boxing, there are different weight classes and categories for the horses.

Horses and/or oxen were used by the first settlers for moving stones to make the walls, trees to cut for lumber or firewood, stumps to have plowable fields, and to plow those fields. The walls were made to get the stones out of the way. Now, today, it’s all done by tractor.

The events are hobbies for the people who do this. The prize money doesn’t pay enough for the hay or the gas to get to the fair. Other folks have boats or play golf.

We saw little oxen trained by 4H kids, big oxen, sheep, goats, cows. Kids were doing agility-like events with oxen and sheep. Oh, almost forgot the pig races and the antique tractors.

As we left, a highly-amped rock band was warming up for the night shows.

Horse Pull, that's almost 3 tons of weight.

Ribbon  award. These events are hobbies for the contestants. All the real farm work is done with tractors now.

Doesn't look like fun to me.

The ladies at afternoon naps.

Oxen are as tall as the farmer between the brown pair.

Midway is a planopy of culinary delights.

Miniature horses have their own pull competition. the owners say that 'pound for pound' they are stronger than draft horses.

There are dogs bigger than these horses.

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