Monday, July 25, 2016


7-25-16 VERMONT: We came back from Maine Friday afternoon in time to collect the dogs from the boarding kennel in Orford and after a brief visit to Melissa and Dick in their new home in Durham, NH. They are still in the brown box stage of moving. We missed Melissa, who was out on errands.

Saturday I started the repair of the small table that hangs out with the repaired rockers. In the late afternoon the sky darkened and the wind started to blow from the west and blew harder and harder. Sticks and branches rained down on the yard, and in the garage they were rattling the roof. I thought the microburst, as it was later characterized, would knock down power lines, and a moment later the generator went on.

The generator went off 27 hours later when the power came back on. I was pleased that it ran without any issues. The next morning I finished the table, in time for dinner on the deck with Jane and Ken and Donna and Bruce. We planned to eat on the deck for the light, but the power came on just before dinner. The weather has been beautiful except for no rain. The windstorm gave us a total of three drops of rain. Yesterday afternoon I watered everything. So everything was fine except for one big sugar maple in the pasture that was flattened.

It was a beautiful tree that had appeared in many of my pix of the yard and pond. It had donated sap to Steve’s sugaring work each spring. I have pix of it with an owl and earlier with a blue heron in it. It was home to many songbirds every year. Now we have to get it chopped up.

New blooms: meadow rue [Thalictrum delavyi not T. aquilegiifolium which is a month earlier], golden rod, soapwort, Queen Anne’s lace, black-eyed susan, ligularia, Indian pipe.

A very big sugar maple came down in the storm. Judy is standing by the roots. If she went down into the hole, you could only see her head.

The maple is taller, lying on its side, than the apple trees in front of it are standing up.

Bee balm looking very red.

Ligularia stenocephala is happy in the shade. It blooms a few weeks before L. dentata.

Fritillary and wasp sharing the coneflower.

Soapwort is a common roadside bloomer at this time in the season.

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