Saturday, September 17, 2016

Double Header.

9-17-16 VERMONT: I’ve done chores—screen doors out, glass in, removal of plant supporting rings and stakes, last pond treatment, put away hummingbird feeders, weeding.

The nights are cool, forties, but the days are sunny and in the seventies. The maples are showing early foliage changes, but no color except for distressed trees, which shut down early. The dry summer is the cause of most of the distress. Maybe it will lead to an early foliage season.

We had dinner with Denny and Laura-Beth last night. Hanover was packed. We had to park down by the boathouse.

New blooms: toad lily.

More asters, in a different color.

Milkweed pod with orange insects, but I don't think they're monarch butterflies. Dan?

Early color.

We have many old. old, gnarly apple trees, I once counted about 100. Some, like these two, still produce fruit, others are struggling in the shade of forest trees, others are volunteers with small or odd fruit. The ones that produce edible fruit are not varieties that are still in production, but antique apples.

Another aster, in white.

Baneberry, poisonous to humans, but that dramatic look must attract someone.

This interesting flower is called toad lily, another late bloomer.

Today we went to the Tunbridge Worlds Fair, the 145th consecutive, with Dave and Shari. It was packed. We saw the parade of the animals, oxen judging, the oxen and handlers were all in costume and everyone won. There was also a pig show with the pigs and handlers both costumed. The winning pig pair is below. We found the food favs, the midway, avoided the rides and games, saw the giant pumpkins and sunflowers. The biggest pumpkin was 715 pounds and the tallest sunflower was 17.5 feet. A faux Patsy Cline performed.

Dressage practice.

Parade cows.

Follow the leader...

Big pumpkins.

The orange hair and tie should be a clue to who shares the ring with Hillary.

Wistful cow.

Colorful poultry.

Lunch break.

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