Wednesday, September 07, 2016

New Shrubs.

9-7-16 SHORT HILLS: After a few nice days, we’re back in the heat and humidity. I was using the weed whacker a few days ago, cutting invasive bamboo clumps when I stepped on a ground wasp nest. I got stung twice. The stings are slowly disappearing, but still itch.

I went to Home Depot to get a can of wasp spray and ended up with two crape myrtle ‘Pink Velour’, Lagerstroemia indica, and a butterfly bush, Buddleia davidii ‘Adokeep’ Adonis Blue. The three shrubs went into the area where the big ash came down a year ago. Of course, there was some weeding and pruning done as well.

New blooms: white snakeroot.

One more pic from the Brooklyn Bridge Park, Judy's favorite. All those pilings make this area a little wildlife sanctuary, we saw two groups of birds there, some ducks and some gulls. You can almost make them out on the right.

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