Saturday, November 26, 2016

Thanksgiving and Dog Walks.

11-26-16 SHORT HILLS: Thanksgiving has come and gone. We hosted Valerie, Alison, Dan, Steve, Anna, Maggie, Lily, Lucy and Maggie’s two pet rats. The rats didn’t have a seat at the table. Judy’s spread was magnificent, as usual, everyone was as stuffed as the turkey. Nobody got the plague.

After dinner we staggered off to the movies and saw ‘Fantastic Beasts…’, most of us thought it was meh. By Friday afternoon the invading hordes had been repelled, including the rats. We did cleanup, mostly Judy, and later, went to a 75th birthday party for friend Alan, thrown by his daughters Lisa and Tracy. It was great to see some old friends and make some new ones.

Between all the activities, we have managed to walk the dogs in some woodsy spots, as we were bored with the usual around-the-block walks. Twice we went to the South Mountain Reservation, between Millburn and South Orange. The first hike was to Hemlock Falls. The experience was marred by many off-leash dogs let loose by dog walkers, against reservation rules.

The next day we went to Locust Grove where the crowds and dogs were better behaved. We climbed to Washington Rock for the views, but the hazy air stole a lot of it. Today we went west to Loantaka Brook Reservation for a flat walk and bumped into Bill and Bella. The lake there had lots of ducks, scaups, I think, and a solitary swan.

Hemlock Falls at South Mountain Reservation. Dramatic falls when there's more rain.

West branch of the Rahway River in the reservation.

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