Saturday, December 17, 2016

Snow Jersey.

12-17-16 SHORT HILLS: We had an arctic invasion over the last two days with frigidity and temps transiently down into the teens. Last night it began to warm up and snow. There was about four inches this morning when it warmed up more after sunrise and turned to freezing rain—a recipe for disaster, typical of New Jersey. Add enough cold to let the rain freeze on all the trees and shrubs, stir with some wind, lower the temps the next night and you have broken branches all over the yard.

The birds besiege the feeders on snowy and cold days. I have been filling feeders daily. They are all looking puffy as they arrange their feathers to fight the cold. They look like they are in little down coats, which I guess they are.

I shoveled a path in the driveway for walkers, which was probably unnecessary because it’s supposed to be in the fifties tomorrow.

Friend Alan is coming for dinner tonight. Judy made her famous ribs and cornbread. Tomorrow is our annual family winter birthday bash for the four of us with Jan/Feb BD’s. We are going to the Red Rooster in Harlem for brunch and the gospel choir.

Slate-colored Junco in his down outfit.

Dawn a few days ago.

Holly tree looking seasonal.

Frosted apples.

Cardinal and leaf under the feeder.

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