Sunday, December 25, 2016

White Xmas.

12-25-16 VERMONT: Two days ago we had bight sun and a warm, 30°F., day and the Solstice party at night with a bonfire. Yesterday we had a dark, overcast, gray sky with snow, also 30°F. Today there’s bright sun again, it’s still 30°F., but wind speed in the 20’s makes it feels like the teens.

Everybody here last night stuffed themselves at Judy’s table. There were no presents under the tree this morning, as neither of us needs anything else, but also because we decided to support National Resources Defense Council and Planned Parenthood.

Another party tonight.

Judy leading the dogs around the pasture.

Low winter sun through the trees.

Long shadows at the solstice.

Solstice party bonfire at the neighbors. There were high school seniors, college seniors and us, seniors also.

Next day, Xmas Eve, more snow.

Bally after a satisfying roll in the snow.

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