Monday, July 17, 2017

Block Party.

7-17-17 VERMONT: Judy and I hosted a block party on Saturday for about forty neighbors and a couple other friends from the Metro area. Everybody brought food, all delicious and surprising, and at the end of the evening took away the left overs and dishes, leaving fewer clean-up chores for us.

We had set up outside anticipating a dry day, but, just at the beginning of the party, it started to rain so we brought the tables and dishes inside, then ten minutes later it all went back outside when the rain stopped. It was a Vermont Fire-Drill.

Old friend Alan and Val and Steve were all big helpers with set up and take down. People met neighbors they didn’t know, and friends they hadn’t met. There are no pix. ‘What happens in Thetford, stays in Thetford.’

Yesterday was perfect, cloudless, dry, hot but not humid, and cool at night. Today started the same, but we got a T-storm in the late afternoon.

We visited the llamas and alpacas at Janet and Bill’s yesterday. Judy got a lot of attention from Bobbie the llama. Today we all went to Bradford, VT to get new shoes and boots at Farm-Way where they’re on sale. We visited the waterfall at Bradford and the historic green at Haverhill, NH.

New blooms: biennial foxglove.

The falls at Bradford, VT on the Waits River just before it merges with the Connecticut R. I should have done a video, the water is rushing and booming and has several stranded tree trunks.

Bobbie the llama giving Judy a kiss, he doesn't seem to mind that she's wearing an alpaca shirt.

Another hybrid daylily, this one in white....

and this one is pink.

Partially ripe apples are falling from the trees, pleasing Brady the horse and this friend to whom we haven't been introduced.

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