Thursday, July 13, 2017

New Table.

7-13-17 VERMONT: Rain again today. It has been overcast, dark and cold, in the mid-fifties since last night. We have had a fire going since the afternoon, our second this week, in July. Yesterday was gorgeous. I found a new moth, new for me, on our walk around the soggy pasture. Judy brought in a few more tomatoes.

I finished the re-modeling of the new kitchen table. It is now possible to sit at it with your legs under it. I also had to re-build the drawer because shortening the side apron made the previous drawer opening too small for the drawer.

Today, during a lull in the rain, I went outside to empty the rainwater from the boat, check the gauge and empty the half inch of rain, and pick a pint of blueberries, the first to ripen. Some branches were bent to the ground with the weight of the berries and the soaking rain. The early apples are bigger than golf balls.

New blooms: beebalm.

Another creature from the pasture, this one is called 'Gray Spring Moth', several are hiding in the tall grass.

Mallow is another mid-summer perennial, as you can see, it's still raining.

Hybrid daylily have different variations on the original aside from time of appearance. This one has obvious color difference and fat, frilly petals and that deep yellow throat.

This hybrid daylily has long, thin petals in different colors with a central stripe.

This is the new, old farm kitchen table from the auction. The aprons under the tabletop were so deep that you could not get your legs under the table. I removed them one at a time, cut them down by 1.5 inches, and then reinstalled them. That's a bowl of tomatoes in the center of the table.

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