Monday, June 26, 2006

Bearing Up

6-21-06 HANUS BAY: Today we had rain and lots of wind in the morning for Judy’s first kayak experience. It worked out fine. We were taken from the ship to the beach at Hanus Bay. We used a double kayak and paddled behind the beach to a sheltered river delta and waterfall and then tried the open water into the wind. After the kayaking, we went for another guided hike along the river to lake Eva. The trail was muddy and slippery. We saw a bear on the trail ahead of us. It swam across the lake to escape us. I caught it with a picture and later got a couple of its foot prints. We had seen a bear beachcombing from the ship before breakfast. That makes three so far. The island we are on, Baranof, seems appropriately named. We were soaked to the skin from rain and the hike by the time we got back aboard. Very exciting stuff.

In the afternoon we cruised north in Chatham Strait to Point Adolphus and dinner. We saw more whales, sea lions, porpoises and eagles. Same old stuff.

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