Thursday, June 01, 2006

Sexual Secrets Revealed!

6-1-06 SHORT HILLS: Summer weather continues. Yesterday I did a bit more pruning, enough for another dump run, and refertilized some shrubs, mostly those that had been distressed. Today I transplanted six small burning bush volunteers to the pool area to replace disappearing junipers.

Sexual Secrets Revealed! The English holly trees are either male or female. The flowers are out now and the female flower has a little green ball in the center that grows and matures after pollination and becomes the red berry after the first frost. The male flower has four upright pollen stalks. Pictures suitable only for mature readers please.

New blooms: privet.


AF said...

the juniper are disappearing from around the pool? that's horrible! i blame those damn dogs and their tennis balls.

valerie frankel said...

of course alison doesn't comment on the "adult" content of the post. BUT I WILL! Those are some sexy shots of Holly. Woo, hoo. Woof!