Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sex with Holly

6-13-06 SHORT HILLS: Beautiful day-warm, slight breeze, dry and sunny. This garden is now all in shade. The trees are flourishing with all the rain and the only sun reaching ground is dappled through the leaves.

New blooms: hydrangea and asian hollys. These hollys like the English holly are either ladies or gentlemen. I will post two pictures; your assignment is differentiate the sexes. You may refer back to the previous exercise.

Al Zarqawi was bombed in Iraq a few days ago was originally reported to have died instantly, and then the news had him still alive for a few minutes after government forces arrived on the scene. Yesterday they said he lived for almost a hour after the bombing. By tomorrow, and in spite of the autopsy, it will probably turn out that he is still alive and that bombing is actually good for your health. Will it become a new spa treatment?

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