Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Blueberry Wars.

8-10-16 VERMONT: It rained this morning for a few hours, I’m guessing a quarter inch that was most welcome and unexpected. I probably would have watered if it hadn’t rained. The days have not been that hot.

About noon it cleared up, and I went back to work replacing dry rot at the base of the back door of the old mudroom using new pressure-treated wood and PVC planks. I think the worst of it is finished, but you never know what’s behind a small spot on the surface. I also have two outer doors to do.

We have been eating tomatoes and giving them away for a couple weeks. Corn next week.

New blooms: monkshood.

Can you fine the blueberry bandit? Look for an eye in the center of the pic.

Another thief, perhaps he considers them family.

Indian pipe with last years dried stalks behind the new flowers. Mostly white, it has a faint pink tinge. It has a parasitic relationship with tree root fungi, so its living is derived from the sun via this white pine and its root fungi. It is, therefore, an obligate myco-heterotroph.

Monkshood has intense color.

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