Sunday, August 21, 2016

Fair, Corn and Coyotes.

8-21-16 VERMONT: Friday we went to the Cornish, NH Fair with Lucy. Maggie was on her way back to Amherst via Amtrak, and Val was working. We saw the midway buzzing, rides swirling, swinging, swooping, circling, bouncing and some doing all those things at once. None of us did any of them. Judy and Lucy shopped while I searched for the vender that sold bloomin’ onions, which I found.

It could have been the best bloomin’ onion ever—crisp without any sogginess or doughiness. The sausage and peppers, pulled pork and funnel cake were fine. Between courses we watched the horse pulls and saw cows and oxen, sheep, chickens and roosters, bunnies and old tractors.

Saturday morning Val and Lucy left, weighed down with corn and tomatoes. I finished the priming and finish painting of the repair work of the last few weeks. Today I was back in the yard pruning hydrangeas, viburnums, apples and lilacs. Tonight we’re getting rain, very much welcome.

It’s high tide in the veggie garden. We’re giving away as much as we can and will bring a lot of produce home to NJ at the end of the week. That’s right, the Vermont portion of the summer is almost over. The blueberries are done, the apples are starting, but many less than last year. We will get some apples in September.

We saw a fox on the road a few days ago, as well as turkeys, and a coyote had a quick drink from the pond in the afternoon. We have been hearing them, coyotes, at night fairly often, but seeing them is very unusual. It looked like a yellowish, medium-sized dog. They rarely have like the traditional coyote styling because they are inbred with wild dogs.

New blooms: Joe Pye weed, ligularia dentata.

Red Admiral working the clematis. He/she was there for hours.

Judy picking corn. That thing in the background that looks like a little TV set is the solar-powered fence charger to keep the critters out.

Cornish Fair midway.


Horse pull.

Shopping opportunities are always present.

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