Saturday, August 27, 2016

Closing Up.

8-27-16 VERMONT: More rain yesterday morning, 1.15 inches. The pond is full and draining. The dry spots in the yard are green. We are starting close-up and car packing.

Anna and Gardner arrived for a semi-surprise weekend visit, arriving late last night. Today they are off visiting the Northeast Kingdom. Tonight we all go to the Canoe Club for dinner.

Judy and I picked more tomatoes today for the tomato fairy to distribute in NJ. She picked and cooked and froze a bunch of corn yesterday.

Tomorrow we will pack the cars with the zillion stuffed animals donated by folks up here for Judy to take on her pet-therapy visits that she does in Newark with Gus and Maizie. Thanks again to all the contributors.

New blooms: turtle head.

Kingfisher the rain and mist.

The red belt marks a female.

The usual unruly crest is slicked down by the rain.

This deer was just outside the yard in the pasture ignoring us and the dogs while eating fallen apples. The apples on the ground actually ferment in place making them more attractive to the horses, deer, turkeys and whoever.

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