Monday, April 24, 2017

A Warm Day, with Sunshine.

4-24-17 VERMONT: Yesterday was beautiful and today looks to turn out the same, but I will enjoy it in the car on the way back to NJ. It was in the sixties yesterday.

Five turtles were sunning on the banks of the pond, the fish were all over the surface hitting a hatch of some sort of insects. Crocus and hellebores open up. The wood ducks were back for another extended visit as were the flickers.

I finished all that I can do in the gardens at this point. The bed border barriers are up. We still have snow piles, but they’re much smaller than a week ago.

New blooms: crocus, hellebore.

I wonder what she sees in him?

She's not a bad looker herself with that eye make-up.

White-throated sparrow.

Northern flicker.


More crocus.

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