Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Hawk and The Salamander.

4-20-17 VERMONT: I’ve been busy doing more clean-up, there’s always another cluster of dead branches someplace I overlooked before. Today I repaired the pond bank where it had broken down from the flood or from the winter frosts. I used Wellingtons and rubber gloves to keep my hands and feet dry. The pond temp is about 50° and still quite clear. I uncovered a family of spotted salamanders, but tucked them back in their nest.

This afternoon I started fertilizing the shrubs and flowerbeds and adjusting the pH for those who prefer it alkaline or acidic.

We still have snow piles under the eaves, but they’re all smaller. There was rain yesterday and last night that cut short my day outside.

Cousin John and I had dinner at Tuckerbox in WRJ last night.

This morning as I entered the pasture, I saw a big bird in a dead pine tree that stands taller than the rest of the trees out behind the pasture. I got a couple pix and am guessing it’s a Coopers Hawk. Anyone??

New blooms: red maple and sugar maple.

I saw this hawk in the woods and got this shot from the pasture gate.

Sunrise a couple days ago.

More pink.

Another shot of the hawk...Coopers Hawk??

You can see the red and orange of the maples on the whole hillside.

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