Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Race Is On.

4-11-17 SHORT HILLS: The spring race to bloom has started. We were away for two days and missed the start of the explosion. A series of warm days has motivated the denizens of the yard make the leap.

I just checked, and last year the Yoshino cherries opened March 30. The next week looks like warm-to-seasonal weather through the 17th, and the chance of a severe freeze is unlikely after that, I hope.

We have one daffodil open, but many of the other daffodils stalks are curled up and black from freezing. I’m not sure that the bulbs will survive to bloom next year.

New blooms: Yoshino cherry, quince, daffodil, currant, clatonia, pear, pulmonaria, pussy willow.

Quince, is usually the first of the fruit to open.

Yoshino cherry.

Yoshino cherry.

Yoshino cherry with bee. This tree was swarming with pollinators, mostly bees.

Pear is a little behind the cherries.

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