Saturday, April 22, 2017

Flickers and Ducks.

4-22-17 VERMONT: Yesterday was a washout with all day rain, and today is damp and dark and dank with a little drizzle. I will try to get out this afternoon if it warms up. I did walk around the pasture this morning and do some clean-up along the road until I got cold and came inside.

While I was in the pasture, I saw a large bird up high in an ash tree and took several pix. I noticed there was a second one, a pair. All the pix are partial views, but I think they’re Northern Flickers, the eastern, yellow-shafted variety.

Yesterday and again today a pair of Wood Ducks spent time in and around the pond. They walked the bank, the ate frog eggs, she ate a frog [video on FB], they swam the perimeter and were here for a couple hours. This morning a pair of Mallards were here for a brief visit.

New blooms: forsythia.

Yesterday a pair of Wood Ducks spent a couple of hours exploring our pond and environs, checking out the water....

The banks....

the reeds, can you see the female?

She's easier to see here. She ate a frog - video on FB.

Today we had a brief visit by a pair of Mallards.

I saw these birds in the pasture. I think they're a pair of Northern Flickers, yellow shafted variety.

There are no unobstructed views, but different images give you the whole picture, so to speak.

That's an ash tree BTW.

Two birds, male on the left.

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