Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Spring Is Really Here.

4-26-17 SHORT HILLS: Rain, rain, rain since I got back here. Things had been a little dry so it’s welcome, but the forecast for the next several days is more rain.

I came down with a passenger, a Northern Catalpa tree, Catalpa speciosa, that I bought at Browns Nursery. The tree filled the right side of the car, but was very quiet and needed no rest stops. It’s a nice seven footer, now planted on the south side of the yard near the chestnut tree. The catalpas are spring flowerers with large leaves. No one sells them in NJ as they are considered ‘messy’, dropping cigar-like seedpods in the fall.

Spring is in full swing. Trees and shrubs are leafing and flowering, the grass is greening up, birds are draining the feeders.

I owe a public thank you to folks who fed me in VT, Donna and Bruce and Shari and Dave, thanks again for the company and dinner. Last night here we had dinner with Bill and Lynn.

New blooms: dogwood, viburnums—Chinese snowball, Korean spice, nannyberry, Kwansan cherry, yellow lamium, barberry, apple, blueberry, lilac, bleeding heart, red bud.

Kwansan cherry, if you like pink, this is your tree.

Chinese snowball viburnum has very sweet aroma.

Yellow lamium has a complicated flower. The pollinator goes for the nectar in the throat indicated by the orange markings while the stamens under the umbrella-like top petal dust the insect.

Apple the last fruit tree here to open.

Pink dogwood...

And red dogwood. The white ones are out also.

Red bud just opening. They seem to have no stem at all.

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