Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Flood.

4-18-17 VERMONT: I arrived yesterday afternoon to find the pond overfilled to the point of water flowing across the dam that makes the pond the pond. There is a large, vertical pipe near the dam that maintains the level of water in the pond by draining any water higher than the top of the pipe, just like in the bathtub.

The outlet of that pipe, out in the pasture, was blocked by a giant iris plant. With a shovel, rake and large crowbar, I was able to tear the plant away from the outlet. It came away in pieces and took about a half hour to get the pipe completely open. A huge torrent followed that actually washed out some of New Boston Rd a quarter mile away down the hill. In an hour the pond was at its normal level. I think that in another day, the dam might have washed out causing an even bigger flood. The town has filled the hole in the road.

Today I started spring chores. I unwrapped the terrace furniture that had braved the winter outside under a big tarp. I moved the picnic table back onto the deck. I started picking up the sticks and branches from the yard and got three cartloads. There’s more, but in areas to wet to walk on.

The pond has an army of frogs doing their spring thing. After the water level fell, I had to move the egg clusters back in the water. Newts and crawfish are active. I haven’t seen any turtles or fish.

New blooms: snowdrops.

The pond is way bigger than it's supposed to be.

The water has reached the top of the dam and is flowing over the top.

Back to normal. You can see the water line on the right bank. That bench  on the right was in the water.

I always say that spring cleanup has to be done in the fall. If I had to cleanup those places still under the snow after it melts, I would traumatize the new shoots in front.

Snowdrops and one crocus considering the weather.

On the right in front of the snow bank, are two cluster of snowdrops just exposed to the sun. the ones closer to the snow are still yellow and smaller than the others that have been snow free for a day longer.

Mts. Lafayette and Lincoln on the horizon still have snow. The red and orange color of the maples are the flowers opening.

Masses of frog eggs that I had to re-patriate when the water level fell and left them on the grass.

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