Saturday, April 15, 2017

Spring Happenings.

4-15-17 SHORT HILLS: The weather has been seasonal, and there’s been no rain for a few days. I’ve been busy with various chores as well as anxiously watching for recovery of cold damaged plants, some of which have shown recovery, and the others are, hopefully, still asleep.

I planted two Red Osier Dogwood ‘Bailey’, Cornus sericea [stolonifera], in the ‘wet’ bed under the bald cypress. I think that cypress might be growing its first ‘knee’. I put three grape hyacinths, Muscari, in an open, but shaded woodsy spot. We had had some, but they seem to have disappeared.

We had wisteria near the front doors that never bloomed, I gave them a couple decades to flower, but pulled them out yesterday and put in two pink Clematis Montana rubens, that are already in bloom, and will grow up the porch supports. I felt bad about the wisteria, but gardeners must be as ruthless as politicians.

The house wrens are back at the birdhouse tidying up for the new season, and at least three goldfinches are in their summer outfits.

New blooms: march marigold, trout lily, violet, dandelion, purple lamium.

House Wren doing spring cleaning at Wren House.

One of these Goldfinches has decided that summer is here. Actually there are about three in yellow at the moment.

Marsh Marigold is one of the spring ephemerals that stands two inches tall. In less than a month it will vanish until next April.

Trout Lily is another two-incher, named for the mottled leaves.

A look under the bell. This, too, is only out in April.

Purple Lamium has an orchid-like flower, the pollen is under the upper umbrella petal. This is a four-incher, but the foliage lasts all season and is a great ground cover.

Violet, about one-incher, has another complicated flower, the foliage also stays out all season.

A different daffodil.

Here is the pear tree flower fully open. The last post showed it partially open.

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